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Cancer, Autoimmune, & the ETMS Collaborative Model

The Eclectic Triphasic Medical System Model (ETMS) was developed by Donnie Yance, Jr., CN, RH (AHG), Clinical Master Herbalist, Certified Nutritionist, after 25 years of clinical practice. The Model itself is rooted in the American Eclectic herbal tradition, constitutional energetics, and contemporary clinical nutrition, while, at the same time, is supported by scientific and medical research and testing. Because there is no “one-size-fits-all” to each unique individual, the ETMS approach seeks to harmoniously strengthen the individual, rather than in a part-and-parcel way as our current modern medical model does.


How does the ETMS Model work?


First, we are required to acknowledge that we all have dynamic systems that are interconnected, interrelated, and contain innate abilities to heal and nurture when supported by a healthy foundation. Because we actively create, respond, influence, and heal ourselves, the ETMS practitioner works to align the unique elements of health for the individual.

Second, due to this viewpoint of interconnectivity, the ETMS model attempts to examine the factors that contributed to the rise of the pathology in the first place. In the case of cancer, we do not focus solely on attacking the cancer cells, but also taking into consideration the patient’s beliefs surrounding cancer and cancer treatment.

Download the ETMS Short Overview by Donnie Yance.


ETMS Short Overview


6667 Vernon Woods Dr. Ste. A-30 Sandy Springs, GA 30328


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