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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Below are some common questions about our clinic and your visit.

Where are you located?

6667 Verson Woods Drive NE Suite A-30 Sandy Springs, GA 30328

The clinic is only accessible from Roswell Road. Please review your GPS provider’s directions to ensure residential streets are avoided.

What should I expect?

When first entering the clinic, we will offer you fresh herbal tea or water and ask you to remove your shoes.

Please travel down the hall and wash your hands prior to entering the exam room. 

In the exam room we will sit and review your histories to get a full picture of you and your situation. An eye, tongue, and pulse assessment will be done to better understand your presentation.

Our sessions do contain a lot of information. Please take notes, make a recording, or invite a trusted partner to join you.

Appointments do not include any custom compounded product or supplement.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Contact us as soon as you can to cancel and reschedule your appointment by calling our office at 678 361 5632 or by logging into your Practice Better account

Please note that we have a 48-hour Cancellation Policy. 

Billing Questions

Take a moment to review common insurance and billing questions.

What are your billing policies?

We require a valid credit or debit card on file at all times. All services and products must be paid for at the time of service or sale. Payment plans are available for those that qualify and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Cancellation Policy

We require a 48-hour notice for appoinment cancellations (EARLY CANCEL). If a client cancels within 48-hours of your scheduled appointment time there will be a 50% fee charged to your account (LATE CANCEL). Failure to arrive at all to the scheduled appointment will result in a 100% fee (NO CALL, NO SHOW).

Do you take insurance?

No, we do not handle any insurance claims or billing. However, we can create a superbill for acupuncture which you can submit to your provider for potential reimbursment. We cannot guarantee any reimbursements. 

Can I use an HSA or FSA?

We can run most Heath Savings or Flex Spending Account cards, however it is best to have alternative methods of payment. Please contact Client Services before your appointment to securely provide payment information prior to your appointment. 

Additional Fees

We collect standard tax on all products. 7.75% currently for Sandy Springs, GA.

Shipping cost from our clinic may vary. Average shipping fee $9.

Administrative Forms Fees: $30


Read about some frequently asked questions about laboratory testing.

When shoud I schedule the test(s)?

We recommend that you promptly schedule laboratory testing unless otherwise discussed with the practitioner. Average test results return within  1 to 4 weeks after sample submission.

Is testing included in my visit?

No. Billing for laboratory testing is the responsibility of the client. Clients have the option of pre-paying for testing at the SBCM clinic or through the laboratory testing company. Reimbursments may be available through your health insurance provider. The SBCM clinic does not generate any revenue from our laboratory partners. However, there is a $30 administration fee for our time preparing and reviewing paperwork associated each requisition form.

When can I expect my results?

Turnaround times can vary between a few days to 6 weeks, depending on the type of test. On average, we schedule “Lab Review” appointments 4 weeks from when the test is recommeneded. Please coordinate your Lab Review appointment as soon as possible to ensure availability.

I already have recent results, do I need more testing?

You will discuss with the practitioner a best course of action according to the present situation. On average we do recommend additional testing in order to best serve our clients.

Will I receive treatments during a lab review?

No. This time is dedicated to reviewing information and making health plan adjustments.

Supplements, Herbs & Tinctures

Here you will find information about Products, Supplements, Herbs, Teas, Tinctures, Topicals and more. 

Are supplements, herbs, or tinctures included in my visit?

No. Your appointment only includes time with the practitioner. Any additional supplements, herbs, granules, topicals, nebulizers, teas, or tincures that are recommended during your visit are not included and are sold separately.

For example, if you have a 1 hour Acupuncture appointment, you will receive a brief consultation, TCM diagnosis, and acupuncture only. 

Do I have to purchase all the recommended products?

No. You are not required to make any additional purchases. However, it is strongly recommended that you follow the guidance provided by the practitioner in your Session Notes. Our practitioners are highly trained and make personalized recommendations based on your unique scenario.

Why are my Session Notes different from Protocols?

Session Notes are the customized and specific health action plans that you and your practitioner develop each time you have an appointment. It will contain recommendations for Lab Testing, Supplements, Food, and/or Acitivities designed to help meet your goals. 

Protocols are broad recommendations for a particular topic that you will receive via email after your appointment. We only share relevant protocols with our clients based on their situation, needs, or interests. For example, if you mention that you will be traveling on an airplane or preparing for surgery, we will send you broad recommendations for as healthy and safe of an experience possible.

Why are there multiple supplement recommendations in my Protocol? Do I need to purchase them?

We make every attempt to source brands and products that meet our high standards for quality and purity. There may be multiple companies / brands that offer similar products.

If you were sent a Protocol that has more than one choice for a product, please choose what best suits you.

For example, there are 7 different product recommendations for Magnesium. You should choose the magnesium product that best matches your Session Notes, any discussion with the practitioner, and is best for your lifestyle/pocketbook.

Will there be any adverse reactions? Contraindications?

Clients are recommended to provide a full list of current medications and/or supplements being taken during their initial consultation. Your practitioner will review these to avoid potential issues.

Custom formulations prepared at the clinic, such as teas, tinctures, granules, or topicals are especially formulated to provide favorable herb-to-herb interactions, enhance the efficacy of pharmaceuticals, and mitigate or prevent pharmaceutical side-effects.


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