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Traditional Medicine

With long oral and written histories, these true Medical traditions of use date back hundreds or even thousands of years.  Notable examples include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, and Western Herbal Medicine. 

Traditional Medicine can be juxtaposed with Conventional Medicine, which is what one might find being practiced at the hospital or primary care facility.

Traditional Diagnostics

The scientific method depends on useful and relevant data. Good beautifully low-tech methodology leads to immediate points of data.  It can be nice not to have to wait on lab results to know what might be going on.  We can be just as clinically effective during a power or technological outage thanks to time honored techniques used to read into messages from the body.

Pulse Diagnosis

As the ancient Chinese Med. classical texts state, “the pulse never lies.”  Looking into not just how many beats per min, but rather, all the myriad of qualitative and quantitative points of data from just a single radial pulse offers much insight into the body’s level of function and relative balance of Yin, Yang, Cold, Hot, Damp, Dry, Deficiency, and Repletion. So while you might not be able to accurately describe how you are doing, the body can help tell the whole truth.

Tongue Diagnosis

The tongue is reflective of GI health and this type of diagosis will help us understand more about you. Like Goldilocks, a tongue should be just right: not too red, too pale, too swollen, too thin, too greasy, too dry. 


The eyes, like a theatre marquee outside advertises what is playing inside, gives us an idea of what is happening in the body. Just as the tongue, various color and texture markers are used with your eyes and inner eyelids assess the patient.

ETMS Cancer Support

The Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS) is an innovative, integrative, wholistic approach to significantly improving a person’s quality of life and extending life span. The ETMS model allows the practitioner to develop personalized, patient-centered treatment regimens for persons with chronic illnesses, as well as to formulate an individualized, scientifically based herbal and nutritional program that allows any person to master stress, improve energy, prevent degenerative disease, and age gracefully.


One of several branches of TCM, it’s a nice adjunct to a treatment protocol consisting of dietary, lifestyle, and herbal interventions. Though not exclusive to addressing musculoskeletal pain, the immediate effects of a targeted treatment are sometimes nothing short of bewildering. 



Perhaps the most time honored way of administering medicine, mixing it with water and administering the single agent or more often than not, the balanced brew of many agents via a tea or tisane.


Using alcohol as a solvent rather than water to extract the medicinal components of the medicinal agent or combination of agents renders a tincture for oral administration. The alcohol also doubles as a preservative.


This is a more intense version of the “tea.” wherein the medicinal agents–not necessarily always plant material, but almost always some ancient combination of plant, fungal, and sometimes mineral or animal bits are actively boiled in water for over 30min, sometimes hours until the resulting soup or “tang” is concentrated and the remaining twigs, roots, rocks, or bones (the mark) is sifted out.  These are often very nourishing in nature though the taste is sometimes, well, …memorable. TCM has a long written tradition of such recipes dating back 2000+ yrs. 

Custom Aromatic Blends

Nebulizing–rather than taking a pill or liquid of some sort orally to address a respiratory ailment, why not put the medicine directly where the problem is?  Nebulizing medicinal agents is a way to do this with the help of simple electronics which transform a properly diluted liquid mixture of volatile agents into the gas phase without employing heat which might otherwise destroy some of these small delicate molecules.  Generally speaking, these smell wonderful and are very easy to administer to yourself, kids, or geriatric populations. 

Diffusing–this is basically the same thing as nebulizing except less direct.  You’ll end up gently or not so gently (remember everything depends on the dose) treating a classroom full of otherwise hyperactive young students, or a basement full of mold.  Generally, these too smell good and are easy to administer.  Can help with a variety of physical (recent research on pain reduction), mental, emotional, issues, and many would say even beyond those. 

Topicals–What mom and grandmas have done for millenia–whipping something up and putting it on there to make it feel better.  From poultices of freshly chewed plant material to infused oils compounded with aromatic extracts to Dit Dat Jow recipes harkening back to Kung Fu lineages dating back 7 generations, topicals are on and still, well….topical.

Aromatherapy–the field of aromatherapy though more recently en vogue thanks to some MLM companies, has been around for at least 50 years with its own discrete set of reference and safety manuals and peer reviewed literature.  Though also not limited to plants, the smaller molecular weight compounds are concentrated in such a way via old time honored techniques like a still as well as modern CO2 extraction to render very potent liquids which ironically, are neither biologically essential (directly to animals anyway) or are true oils.  Not to be dismissed as solely pretty smelling, these extracts are medicine. 



This is where electrical leads from low voltage battery powered devices connect to inserted acupuncture needles to add a little more stimulation. We start at barely detectable and slowly work up to the desired levels of stimulation.  Also, our machines go up to 11.  

Tan/Dong Style

These are Chinese styles of acupuncture wherein distal therapy is utilized. For example: f someone comes in with a tennis elbow, acupuncture needles might be inserted in very specific spots nowhere near the elbow in question, but rather at points which balance and free the flow of Qi at that elbow, but are located on a different appendage altogether. 

Functional Medicine

The functional medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. It requires a detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors and leverages that data to direct personalized treatment plans that lead to improved patient outcomes.


While there is no one “perfect” test, a perponderance of evidence is useful to assess and address our state of being. Each test type provides a particular view into the microenvironment of the body.

        1. Blood
        2. Urine
        3. Saliva
        4. Stool
        5. Pathology genomics
Certified Health Coaching

Functional Medicine Health Coaching is a client-centered approach to support your journey for optimal health. Functional Medicine Health Coaches are trained to help you implement the prescribed Functional Medicine protocols by your practitioners.

We guide you in taking small, realistic, and consistent steps in building healthy habits that are achievable. Coaches will work with you wherever you are, without judgement! The process is empowering, supportive and can help you to build the intrinsic motivation and confidence to reach your goals.    

Targeted Nutraceuticals

Oscar utilizes his Nutrition Science and herbalist education, along with his Traditional Chinese Medicine training, to provide precise recommendations for foods, herbs, and supplements that hone in on specific biologic aspects for your wellness plan.

Far Infrared Therapy

Far Infrared Therapy (IRTx) is great for increasing circulation and eliminating toxins, and in some cases, especially when cancer cells are primed to be extra sensitive to heat and are near the surface of the body, could be an adjunctive cytotoxic agent in your wholistic oncology protocol. We’ve even had some patients report elevated mood and energy after just 20min of exposure to IRTx. 


Green Light Therapy

Dichromatic green light is used to stimulate the pineal gland, an organ that helps regulate circadian rhythyms, hormones, and assist in pain management. Learn more from the Perque Ask Dr. J series here

Ozone Therapy

Ozone (O3) is a gas that was discovered in the mid-1900s. It is a proven technique used to disinfect certain surfaces. For example, by disrupting cell envelopes of bacteria, cell growth of certain fungi, or disrupting viral reproductive cycles. 


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